About me

It was at a very young age, when I first felt an overwhelming desire to have a man beneath me.

At first, I could not understand the significance of these feelings or how they could be explored, instead I felt only that my desires were taboo.

It was after I first became a mistress, that I witnessed first-hand the trance-like ecstasy of those in my servitude. I knew then, that my youthful desire had stemmed from a lust to take a person's very existence and own it entirely.

To fulfill my yearning, I knew I would need charm and guile to first fascinate someone, draw them in, and capture them completely. It is with both time and experience that I mastered these arts and why the comfort and pleasure which can be found at my feet is beyond comparison.

Come closer, closer still... I want to hear your shrill cries as you find yourself falling under my control, I take delight in the knowledge that this matter is simply an inevitability.

You will submit to me.

I will control you.

I will make you beg for my domination.

  1. (Mar.2016)

For you

At first, I was unsure what it really meant to train someone in the world of BDSM, but with time I've come to realize that it is a powerful expression of love.

It is a form of love which can not be done justice with words alone; a form of love which is best articulated with a whip, a rope or even a pair of high heels. It is love that is truly infatuating and I simply cannot be without it.

All of us have something inside, an inclination, a disposition, often yet unrealized. In the moments that you and I will share, we draw back the curtain on these inner most desires and a true expression of love is realized. Others looking on may not understand the things we do, but that's only because the chemistry created between you and I is ours alone and is beyond comparison.

The relationship we share is more than physical, my practiced hands will tug upon your emotions and leave you gasping for breath. I will play with your body and toy with your mind, piece by piece you will become mine.

Even should the time we share only be short, I'll skillfully pluck at your heartstrings, but the longer we make music together the more feverish and frenzied our playing shall be.

Therefore, don't be alarmed if from the very first moment you feel my burning intensity - I want all of you - even should you beg me to stop, I might not be able to let you go.

  1. (Mar.2016)

From La Siora

A domina who has coquettish, little devil-like attraction.

Everything will be bright and happy when she shows up.

There are many M people who had been drawn by her natural sadistic attitude.

Good English speaker and popular among foreign customers as well.

She is called with the nickname of "Ackie-ho" and everyone loves her so much.

In 2012, she made 6 years of being a mistress.

Has flexible BDSM view and laid back personality.

She is good at plays like whipping and candle session, but very capable of anything.

Her world of BDSM is never be limited. "The existance as a domina", that's Akiho-sama.

(English conversation : good / Session with non native Japanese : usually)

  1. (Jan.2013)