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Hello, my name is Catherine. I am an all American woman, ravenous to feed on your lust, fear, and obedience. We have all taken a twisted path that led us to this world of sick pleasures and alternate lifestyle.

My expedition into the caves of perversion began when I was in elementary school, where a phobia slowly morphed into an intense fetish that still lingers today. Adjacent to this phenomenon was the development of my dominant side, and a boiling resistance to letting men make any decisions for me. I enjoy men's suffering and submission. It gives me a smile to see a slave's face contort into expressions of pain, fear, and pleasure.

I am a Gemini, which supposedly means that I have two sides. In contrast to my dark, sadistic side, I also have a caring side. I adore the feminine and embarrassing reactions of my slaves. I crave the beaming expressions of adoration and appreciation on the faces of men. - Feb.2020

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Let yourself succumb to my fantasy world where I will always win– and you are left begging and whimpering. After all, in order to grow you need to be torn down and rebuilt. Put your livelihood in my hands because you know I will make you better for it . - Feb.2020

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A domina from the U.S., with shiny blond hair, 174cm tall. She is in her 20's but we felt she has good experiences in BDSM sessions. You can feel at ease with her taking control over you. She speaks Japnese too! (Joined La Siora Nov.2019)