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When I first knocked the door of La Siora as a 20 years old girl, the curiosity of the unknown was my driving force. I wanted to know myself I have never seen; back then I was interested in myself, but soon or later, without realizing it, I was more interested in slaves, fetishists, all the perverts, and all the people.

To this day, what drives me is my genuine curiosity. It's curiosity towards people. I call myself a domina/mistress for descriptive purposes. Nonetheless, essentially, I am nothing but a pervert.

I love people, perverts, weirdos, and kinks. The people I meet and touch through BDSM sessions fascinates me like crazy, and look so adorable to me. Ah, I can't stop being like this. - Apr.2019

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You don't need to wear a mask to cover when you are naked. I would rip your persona off. Slowly, little by little... or sometimes forcibly. I would break the hard, thick shells gradually... and I would love to find the core inside.

I would set you free, and you will set me free, in our limited time. Like animals, we will be true to our instinct, slaves to our desires, and let ourselves go. We will create a certain chaos together. In this fantasy world, let us be very human, more than every other person in this world.

You, and me. Just between the two of us. Let's be pervert. - Apr.2019

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Domina Ena (formerly domina Ruina) came back as she grew up. Now a bondage outfit fits her perfectly while school girl uniform was the most popular requests. Her lovely personality remains as it is; with a mixture of cuteness and sexiness. When she was with us before, she had no choice but leaving Tokyo even though she was doing really good. After she came back, meeting our members again is making her smile. She is trying to communicate with slaves more proactively. Delicate and rich sensitivity, artistic character, she is one of the dominas who needs BDSM in her life.

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