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An irrational and irresistible impulse that lurks deep in our mind. That's what both S and M have. Birds of a feather flock together, and I feel that nothing fundamentally separates us. This special world arises out of interpersonal relations, and is infinitely broadened by each likings and taste. There is really no fixed path. When we step into that space, we drift deep feeling our lives, as if we had thrown ourselves into endless space. In a perverted world, there is something that clings to the pleasantness and instinct of facing and exploring the truth of my desires, and holds me in my heart. Once you get into it, it can be a long and difficult journey. But when you know them, you will find a great joy. A journey to feel life with domina Fujika, sharpening your senses.  - Oct.2019

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Why don't you step into the depths of human greed with me? Expose everything of you and stay wide open. You want to be dirty, to feel embarrassed, ugly, and helpless ? Let’s make this moments together very special, because I want to explore everything and touch the essence of you. Let's dive deeper and deeper. - Jul.2019

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She experienced BDSM in private when she was stationed in France. After returning to Japan, she wanted to have contact with BDSM, and found La Siora. The word "high quality elos" is perfect to describe her. She is a lady in her late twenties who is elegant and classy. She has a soft atmosphere and a gentle tone when she speaks. On the other hand, she also has the charm and the sense of an orthodox domina. When she told us about your hobby, horseback riding, I felt like I caught a glimpse of something intense that I would never imagine. Who shakes her sadistic character? Please wait for a while for plays that needs high skills and experience. She speaks English fluently. (Joined La Siora June 2019)