Domina(mistress) Hinoka profile comment About Me About Me

When I was a child, I naturally liked to bully and enjoyed it. Through the course of time, I have always lived in contact with something close to this world.I have been thinking it is meaningless to live by doing boring things.

It's an adrenaline for me to hear a scream in pain, a painful face, and a perverted cheery face. - Oct.2019

Domina(mistress) Hinoka profile comment For you For You

A feeling of release and pleasure resulting from excited emotions. I want to create a meaningful time with a slave who can feel the connection with my unstoppable emotion when the things heat up.

I would like to train kinky slaves who want to be tortured by me, develop it and control it. Nice to see you. - Oct.2019

Domina(mistress) Hinoka profile comment From LA SIORA From LA SIORA

Imagine a beautiful Asian woman; she will appear just as you imagined. Mysterious, glossy, long black hair; tall and slender, mid-20s; former model; she is a very beautiful domina. She has a presence and calmness, she also has an unexpected side that she likes hard-core. She came to know the world of BDSM when she was looking for "a life that suits her".

She is looking for "BDSM,"not "BDSM-kind of thing." While training whipping, she felt elated, and enjoyed rope bondages so much that she wants to aim at the level of kinbaku master. She has just taken the first step. At this stage, gold shower, scat and hand jobs cannot be guranteed. Please understand in advance. She can speak English. (Joined La Siora Oct.2019)