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In the midst of my busy life, no matter how beautiful the things I see is, my mind becomes unmoved and desensitized to cleverness. In the midst of all this, I was truly drawn to the human figure. It cries pathetically, collapses, writhes in pleasure and pain. It's a beautiful and moving way to live or die.

Just as childhood events and relationships are often the catalyst to BDSM, those influences have created what I am and preferences. But those are the parts of me that, if left alone, will remain as a sad memory and the parts I want to hide. When the repressed depths of me are released by BDSM, my sadistic eyes sparkle. And when your masochism shows up, I thrill irresistibly with heartfelt elation. It makes me want to get to know you better.

I love BDSM.
I love being a domina.

I've knocked on the door of La Siora to train my mind to lead you and to become a mindful domina, rather than relying on technique alone to guide you to become a masochist from the heart.
Honesty is something you will be able to sense subtly from my fingertips.

I don't want superficial BDSM, I want it intimately.

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I'm glad you have chosen me as the place to let go.
I don't want to break you, but rather provide you with a space where you can feel safe to go crazy.

If you want me to laugh at your perverted and helpless appearance, then forget yourself and have fun.
If you want to be ruled by a strict attitude, be prepared to my merciful and tough love.

It's okay to be lousy.
I'm proud of your heart to serve and your thoroughness.

Let's find a session that makes you feel happy.
Let's enjoy BDSM together until you've reached your fullest potential.
I will keep secret as strictly confidential.

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A calm and collected domina who is a graduate student. She has a deep understanding of things and a quick mind and good instuition. She is rather quiet, but she was interested in SM and Japanese dominatrixes in London and has the energy to take action even before she started working at La Siora. Although she is in her mid-twenties, she doesn't get carried away by the speed of things, but rather pursues things honestly; just like a good old fashioned domina. You'll have a good feeling for her attitude. As a masochist, you'll want to give your body to help her grow up. An oriental beauty with fair skin. She will tickle your heart with her cleanliness, faint glamour and mysterious atmosphere. (Joined La Siora Sep.2020)

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What do you focus or value most in your session? What do you focus or value most in your session?

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