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First of all, I would like to share this. I’m not the type of Mistress who has been dominant and conscious about SM since she was a child and whom many subs are dreaming of.

I was raised in the environment where I had “Freedom with Responsibility” so that I interacted with many different cultures and people without holding a limited sense of value.

And I engaged in many different jobs. Through my experience, my mind and body, brain, and spirit were nurtured and my sense of BDSM was strengthened without noticing. I left La Siora once. But I think it was an important step in the process of coming back here, the place to which I should belong. There is no doubt that I am a SM-holic. - Jan.2020

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All my experience is connected to BDSM and they are harmoniously united.

That is my theme for SM and has been ripened.

Shadow and Light
Birth and Death
Exhale an Inhale
Tension and Relaxation
Right and Left
Vertical and Horizon
Women and Men

Sadism and Masochism In our world, opposite things are coexisting, keeping harmony and balance. Between the two extreme ends, there must be a place where you feel secure and comfortable as well as gray areas.

My sadistic part and your masochistic part. Between the S and M, there should be spots where each of us stands and harmony we can create. Let’s enjoy the harmony that only you and I can make. - Jan.2020

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Domina Iris is back! Soon after her return, she has been happily reunited with the members. A well-built muscular body with tan, and a healthy figure reminiscent of a scorching sun. In addition to that, the femininity has increased. Just as slaves can be troubled and puzzled by their propensities sometimes, domins can be also troubled. She is now strong enough to decide that she wants BDSM by blowing everything away from her previous experiences. She kept looking for opportunities for the rope bondage even after she left La Siora. Of course, the emphasis was placed on dialogue between mind and body.She has a deep and great attraction. She speaks English and Spanish. (Joined La Siora Jan.2020)

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What do you focus or value most in your session? What do you focus or value most in your session?

I focus on facing the individual.This is how slaves are.

This is the fetish.Not just a one-size-fits-all expression or interpretation.What on earth is "You."?How would "You." react? And what kind of chemical reactions are produced if "You." and "me"?

I place importance on observing them.Human cells are reborn every day, and experience values change. Even today and tomorrow, "You." and "me" are different people. It's very fluid.Because of the chance, when the fluid 'individual' and 'individual' stay at the same point and confront each other through the language of BDSM.The emotions, reactions, changes, and chemical reactions that arise.

A moment that never happens again.It is important for me to face "You who are here now." with insight.