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I have just entered the world of BDSM and am delighted to be here, still full of possibilities. I am a very curious person. You could say I'm easily bored... I am driven by the desire to truly feel the diversity of humanity.

To acknowledge it myself. To do so, I may become or betray the ideal of the receiver. It would be good if we can have fun with that while keeping an eye on things. 

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Would you show me a part of your life? Though I might open up a gap and devour the mess.

Would you be a part of my life? Let's melt into each other. 

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She is 21 years old, tall, slender, and very beautiful. Her pale skin and deep black eyes will captivate you. Although it's hard to imagine from her fresh beauty, she has been interested in "sex" and "sex industry" since her childhood. As soon as she graduated from high school and went on to higher education, she took action. However, many BDSM clubs were looking for people over 20 years old, so she waited until she came of age to go into BDSM. She joined a local SM club, but soon after, the COVID-19 situation happened. So we can say she is quite new to this. The only thing she know at this moment is that she loves enamels, so her views on BDSM and her charms are yet to be discovered. (Joined La Siora Dec. 2020) 

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What do you focus or value most in your session? What do you focus or value most in your session?

It's to have fun.

This is my current thinking, so I'm sure it will change in the future.I want to enjoy the change itself. We all have different sexuality, and this is also something that changes.While we can come to terms with it, we can't fully understand it.

It's exhausting to keep trying. We should have fun while making an effort. This is a goal in life that I want to cherish. It's really interesting to see people change like a kaleidoscope. Let me see yours.