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My face is round-shape, and there is always a smile on it. I have a slim figure. My mother, who shares the same faceial traits as me, is a florist whose work is modifying flowers. I'm not sure if her DNA is making me curious to BDSM , but I decided my job to be modifying slave men/ladies' body as my work. I'm still like an artis who is just looking at the blank cavas and wondering what to do. Hopefully I would meet someone that inspires me. - Apr.2019

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It doesn't matter how bad you wish to be treated, or willing to be abused, you want love. Let me tell you, what you are craving for is being loved. So really, what is love? Don't make me prove it to you. Nonetheless, I can show you my answer. The essence of love is continuity. It is not short-lived. I wouldn't be able to stop thinking about you, more than you can imagine. - Apr.2019

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A cheerful beauty with a slim body. She has been interested in sensual things, and met a submissive man. Her career in BDSM took off from there.
Now she is still learning and acquiring skills. It is actually a perfect timing as she is getting more and more interested in BDSM. We look forward to how she grows from here.

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