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Why do people use sex energy this way? It's been always my question, and also a research theme in my life. I want a pet, but I think humans are the most convenient and troublesome pet. After all, the most interesting pet is human. There are too many strange things. With that feeling, I went to the world of SM. - Jun.2019

Domina(mistress) MIMORI profile comment For you For You

The more you endure pain and suffering, the more love for "something" grows in me. Fear, anxiety, and tears are good too. I'll wipe your tears with my shoes. It is the most pleasant thing that you, wet with tears, beg forgiveness at my feet. Show me your crying face. Show it only to me. A reward after enduring? What could it be? - Jun.2019

Domina(mistress) MIMORI profile comment From LA SIORA From LA SIORA

A woman in her late twenties who came to BDSM world from her day job. You won't believe that such fresh girl is a domina. However, there is a moment when the sadistic gaze comes from her beautiful face. Though small, she is full of power and motivation. Pure interest and curiosity rather than knowledge.

For now, she is a gemstone. We are looking forward to being polished. She only has an experience as a trainee in a BDSM club, so she doesn't have much previous experiences. Therefore, please wait for a while for the plays that require high skill and experiences.  <Basic English is available.>