ドミナ美里(女王様)プロフィールコメント About us About Me

I know it's sudden, but I think nobody is perfect. It's true in your everyday life and in the world of BDSM. I'm not perfect too. But I would never be satisfied with the present. And I hate to neglect efforts. Once I left BDSM and expanded my world, but I came back to BDSM. It is my destination. I went up to all the show offers and continued teaching rope bondages. Everything was on the journey to be here, and here I am now. I believe we can share a joy of stepping up and building relationships.- Jun.2018

ドミナ美里(女王様)プロフィールコメント For you For You

How do you do, familiar faces and strangers? What shall we do first? Some talking? I believe conversation is necessary to understand each other deeply. What about you? It would be wonderful to converse using rope, which is I am good at. No matter the tool we use to talk, let's make our time together precious and synergistic. I am waiting for you. Let's enjoy our time together! - Jun.2018

ドミナ美里(女王様) ラ・シオラからのコメント From LA SIORA From LA SIORA

A seasoned domina is back!(formerly known as domina Akiha) When it comes to domina Misato, it's all about kinbaku. Even before this kinbaku-boom take over the world, she has been praised for her magnificent skill. But this is not all about her: she is also highly skilled domina all around. Domina Misato chose this BDSM world out of her various experiences. This comeback brought a lot of joy to her.(Re-joined La Siora Jun.2018)