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Slack jaws when you are deep in pleasures, or the expression you make when you are bearing a pain. I like to see you in your true self with no fakes and acting. In the world full of virtue and perversion, I love to see you losing yourself and letting it go. It doesn't matter if other people don't understand or criticize you. You love it and that's all that matters. What is your favorite thing? Everybody has different favorites. That makes every encounters interesting. Through sessions with you, I'd love to see how my color changes. Let's enjoy everything, and enjoy this moment. - Feb.2018

ドミナ雅(女王様)プロフィールコメント For you For You

Do you know it feels so good to lose control and let everything go? Don't waste your time acting or pretending, it's only between you and me. Let's forget your everyday life and indulge in this distorted world. You should toss the shackles. I'll break your shackles if you can't. I'll set you free. Let my feet be your safe heaven. - Oct.2018)

ドミナ雅(女王様) ラ・シオラからのコメント From LA SIORA From LA SIORA

A beauty with sexy slit eyes. Domina Miyabi is a curious lady, she is ready for new things. She is like a while canvas now but at the same time she has a touch of her own color. Balanced between what she wants from the others and what she can suggest as a domina. Acquiring new skills are a way to make that happen. Now she can't wait to have a session. She quickly filled up her big suitcase with a lot of tools. You can look forward to how she grows as a domina. She has very little previous experiences so she is just like new to this world.(Joined La Siora Feb.2018)

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  • Measurements166:90-60-95 Shoes:25.5(cm)
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