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Before BDSM play, I first learned about the concept of dom and sub from a BL(boys love) magazine I came across when I was a child. I didn't even know what a doujinshi was, so I bought one and was surprised when I turned the page. There were descriptions of sexual acts between men.

At the same time, I was excited by the ecstatic expressions of the men being raped and their trembling bodies. With two conflicting emotions, disgust and curiosity, I wanted to know more about this world and started reading BL books in secret from my parents.

Because of my curious nature, when I became an adult, I wanted to see BL in real life, not in two-dimensional form, so I went to many underground places. In the process, I learned about the fetish world of bondage, whips, boning, etc., and became captivated by BDSM because of its beauty.

Encounters with kinks of various sexual habits in places where the sun never shines enriched my heart. People have many desires hidden in their hearts. The moment they opened their hidden desires to me and showed them to me, my heart was filled with warmth. The illusion that I hold the fate of this person in my hands gives me pleasure.

There are times when I am soothed by masochists, and there are times when I am choked up by giving myself over to a glistening desire. Even when I leave, I keep coming back to BDSM. It's the only place that makes me happy. What else could be more mind-blowing and exciting?

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Nice to meet you. I'm Nanako. I'm a curious person, and I want to see your many faces. Whether it's an ecstatic face drowning in pleasure, or a distorted face enduring suffering to the limit, I love them all.

If you are a masochist who is bound by pretend pride or social status, come to me. Don't you think that a life bound by such trivial things is cramped? I will peel off all the false masks you wear and expose your deepest desires.

Let's fall into a new world of pleasure together, drowning in the drugs in your brain.
I love kinks, so don't worry, I won't back down on most things.

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Domina Nanako is an intelligent beauty with a well-trained slender body, full bust, and big eyes. An elite female office worker who graduated from a prestigious university, is also a domina who will dazzle you with her fine eroticism. She is an adult woman you can take your time with, no matter how you define SM or what you know about it. Expose your perversity to her. She can play humorously, or turn obscenity and lewdness into pleasure. She has a little bit of previous experiences, but she has just opened the door to BDSM. Nanako-sama will continue to change and grow. Please feel the charm of a domina who changes seven times with the passage of time. (Joined in October 2021)

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 What do you focus or value most in your session?

 What do you focus or value most in your session? What do you focus or value most in your session?

Focusing on the person in front of me, total concentration. First of all, I want to put all my effort into observing you and getting to know you deeply. It's difficult to build a good relationship with someone just by meeting them once.

A momentary encounter is wonderful, but if I can get to know you little by little over a long period of time, I think we can become wonderful partners who can enhance each other's pleasure.

BDSM is not something that can be done alone. If you don't watch your partner's pace and play only on the surface, we will not have a good time. I would like to work together with you to create a play that will satisfy both of us mentally and spiritually.

Do you have any books, music, movies, art, etc. that have impressed you about BDSM?

Do you have any books, music, movies, art, etc. that have impressed you about BDSM?? Do you have any books, music, movies, art, etc. that have impressed you about BDSM?

Confessions of a Mask by Yukio Mishima.

The protagonist's struggle to come to terms with heterosexuality overlaps with my own inability to have "ordinary" sexual intercourse, and my inclination toward SM. The protagonist tries to get closer to what he cannot unite with by means of "dressing up," but this paradoxically accentuates his singularity inside the costume and distances him from the outside world.

He is attracted to the same sex who is full of vitality and is the complete opposite of his sickly self, and he tries to be like them, but at the same time he is jealous of them and gradually distances himself from them out of hatred for himself.

I have the same duality in my life. Trying to be "normal" in order to connect with society and my loved ones paradoxically leads to stress, which sometimes manifests itself in the form of headaches and heartache, causing me to suffer. The fact that I mimic the social image of myself strongly confronts me with the fact that I am different and disconnects me from the people around me. Even so, the reason why I seek connections with society and the people I care about is probably because I am afraid of being alone.

In a corner of the city, a group of peculiar people, whose identity is unknown, quietly huddle together and share their pain. There is no need to be a mimic. They acknowledge my unusual existence and allow me to be as I am. I have been saved by these different people.

I want to play in this place! What's your ideal dungeon?

I want to play in this place! What's your ideal dungeon? I want to play in this place! What's your ideal dungeon?

I get excited when the extraordinary blends into the ordinary, so parks and schoolyards are my ideal dungeons. Isn't that a little far from the image of a dungeon?

 It's a place where children play, an ordinary everyday scene, isn't it? For example, I would like to use a nanakogle gym, a cloud ladder, or a climbing pole in a park or schoolyard, and tie you up with a hemp rope. It would be like a photo collage, an alien landscape cut off from reality, right?

 It's very exciting to imagine. It would be wonderful if I could take a picture of that view. Just thinking about it makes me swoon. It would also be fun to have a slave strapped to the bottom side of the seesaw and me on the other side, controlling whether I hit the ground or not. I'll stop you just short of the ground, and I'll enjoy watching your frightened face. Wouldn't it be fun to tie you up on the top side and play seesaw with me sitting on top of your face?

 I wonder what the children will think when they see you tied up like that? After all the fun, you'll still be tied up for a while. I want to watch you from a distance as you beg me to untie you as soon as possible. But don't worry. I won't expose you to anyone. I want to be the only one to hold your shame.

What kind of play is hard play for you?

What kind of play is hard play for you? What kind of play is hard play for you?

Hard play for me, I wonder what it is.

In my short session experience, I think the hardest thing I've ever done was to hold a masochist's head down in a toilet bowl of water with a mess of cream puffs floating in it and controled his breathing. The first time I put the "gold" in a masochist's mouth and made him eat it was also hard.

I don't think of it as hard when I'm in the middle of my torment, but when the session is over and my aroused feelings calm down, I calmly think of the hard things I've done.

Why do people want to play hard? Is it because we are bored with the conventional play and need more stimulation? Is it because we want to test the potential of our body and mind to see if we can do something more amazing? Do you want more pain, more severe suffering, or deeper pleasure?

If you want to play hard, you are probably feeling thirsty and empty in your current situation. If you experience harder things to fill your thirst, you will feel a stronger thirst. There is no escaping this irony. You can't wash your feet of the world of SM, and being addicted to it can be a sorry and hard thing to watch from the side. May the rest of your life be hard.

I will continue to fill the hole in your life that will never be filled. Life is too short to enjoy it.

what would you like to do when things(the COVID-19) are back to normal?

What kind of play is hard play for you? what would you like to do when things(the COVID-19) are back to normal?

The declaration of the state of emergency has been lifted and the number of infected people in Tokyo has calmed down. I am relieved that things are gradually getting back to normal, and I am starting to feel more relaxed. Actually, I was infected with the coronavirus in August and was hospitalized.

What I felt from that experience is that it is very important to boost your immune system. In order to enhance immunity, it is important to maintain a healthy intestinal environment. Eat vegetables and take in enzymes. Fermented foods such as yogurt, kimchi, and miso contain lactobacilli, which help produce good bacteria in the intestines.

And vitamin D helps to normalize the functioning of the body's immune system. When there is a lack of vitamin D, the immune system goes into a cytokine storm and destroys the body's normal cells. Be sure to take vitamins C and D actively. Since I contracted the coronavirus, I have been paying attention to my diet and exercising, running and strength training to raise my basal body temperature.

I feel very good. If you are not healthy, you cannot enjoy BDSM. I can't play hard if you are feeling weak. Please keep your immune system strong and healthy so that we can have fun together. The exit of the long, dark tunnel is almost here. When you get back to your daily life, let's enjoy the extraordinary with me.

What is your theme song?

What is your theme song?  What is your "theme song"?

The theme song sounds grandiose, so I'd like to introduce one of my favorite songs. "Boku ga shinoto omotta nowa(translated: why I decided to die)" by Mika Nakajima.
It was also recently released on THE FIRST TAKE.

Whenever I sing this song at karaoke, the song starts with "I thought about dying because..." and people are surprised.
I love this song, so I sing it knowing that people will be bothered by it.

I wanted to die because you said I was cold.
I'm crying to be loved because I've found the warmth of people
I wanted to die because you smile so beautifully.
I'm thinking about dying because I'm too serious about life

I'm tired of thinking about this and that, and I'm tired of people sucking up other people's energy. It wasn't anyone's fault that I felt it was hard to live, it was because I was too serious. The fact that I realized that before I died was the last thing that saved me.
I want the world to be a place where there is someone who can save someone who has thought about dying.

Please listen to this song when you are a little tired or when you feel like you are having a hard time living.
It doesn't make fun of us for thinking about dying, but the straightforward lyrics in beautiful Japanese and the gentle melody of the piano resonate in my heart. Mika Nakashima's positive and powerful voice will save you.

The profile of Mika Nakashima singing THE FIRST TAKE was so beautiful that I couldn't help but look at her.

When and where would you like to go, and what kind of SM would you like to do?

When and where would you like to go, and what kind of SM would you like to do?  When and where would you like to go, and what kind of SM would you like to do?

It is France in the early 19th century. I saw the John Galliano Fall Winter 2007-2008 collection on TV when I was a kid. Inspired by the Parisian prostitutes of the early 19th century, he created a decadent, gorgeous, and romantic world.

A model dressed as a Parisienne with wet hair and a blood red dress. The eyes are striking, with large red eye shadows on white skin. Bordeaux lips elegantly framed the small outline of her lips. The models' fashions change from red dresses to pale lace and then to black dresses.

A chicken in a coop, a deer head, a Persian rug, a brothel couch, a brass bed. There are men on the stage decorated with eccentric decadence and beauty. The Parisienne blend gracefully and lightly into the city at night, as if playing with the upper class gentlemen and sailors chasing them with ulterior motives. I still remember the decadent and beautiful collection with its motif of haughty and debauched prostitutes.

The Maison Close, built in 19th century Paris, was a secret house for prostitutes. A hidden mansion where you couldn't tell what kind of place it was from the outside and could only identify it by its address. I would pretend to be a prostitute and enter the house, whipping and ravishing the men who came at night to buy women with their ulterior motives. They would be surprised to see a domina among the prostitutes. It looks like a lot of fun to play with a man using a strap-on.

Once the men are trained, I'd like to turn Maison Close into a house which is a playground for the beautiful women who keep male sex slaves.

When and where would you like to go, and what kind of SM would you like to do?