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Masculinity is a troublesome societal concept. I find it inherently constricting; it's riddled with expectations, dominance, power, and emotionlessness. Am I right?

From my understanding, SM would fail with either of us missing. That is why I want to help you shed the pressure and liberate you frome shame to be true to yourself. Above all, I want to protect you. I wish you would find joy through me. Our session shall be a spiritual process of destruction and rebirth between you and me.

You and me, let us walk this uncanny world. - Aug.2019

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Let me tell you one thing; I have a masochistic side in me just like you.

Although, I conjure that part of me not for anybody but myself. We tend to take shortcuts. In fact, however, we are actually taking the longer uphill road. I, too, prefer to follow a thorny path for pleasure. Lets all be silly and explore what we can do with your flesh to acquire unknown pleasures.

Amuse me. - Aug.2019

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A unique beauty with impressive, captivating big eyes. She is an intelligent lady in her twenties. Does she have big eyes for her insighs? You never get tired of talking with her about people, things, and the world. She is broad-minded and flexible, but her core goes through well. She ran to a BDSM bar to learn rope bondage, and she goes straight to get what she wants. She may not be able to work so often, but she will be quietly do her best. Her English level is advanced, you will have no problem communicating with her. If you wish for an English lesson play, come to Ms. Sundae. (Joined La Siora Aug.2019)