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I was a child who loved to explore. I would go outside of school with my friends in tow. I would stomp around as if I were pioneering, adding to the map the areas that I had identified with my own feet.

As I got a little older, I wanted to explore not only the outside world but also the spiritual world, devouring books, paintings, music, you name it. Knowing brought me the satisfaction of conquering uncharted lands. Despite this insatiable desire for control, as I grew up, I sought opportunities to unleash my burning desire, adapting, exploiting, and sometimes stealthily deviating from the required mold.

No matter how much I travel the world or how many books I read, there is one thing I cannot satisfy. It is the desire for others. But even when I sought and walked around in search of someone, I was often required to be a passive, loved presence.

The real me wants to explore people's hearts as deeply and profoundly as if I am entering a dense forest in the backcountry and carve my footprints on them. I want to leave a scar, for lack of a better word. I want to leave a flag of my choice on top of it.

I arrived here while walking around trying to fulfill such desires. I want to tread on the uncharted land that is you, sometimes gracefully, sometimes roughly, with high heels.

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What is the self for you?

It was the concept of an independent self with the right to reason and self-determination that prepared the way for modernity. It is inevitable, in a sense, that the Marquis de Sade appeared during the French Revolution, the crystallization of the spirit of that era.

It is painful to be forced to always use reason to make the right decision in the name of freedom, and it is deceptive to think that such a thing is possible. But you, too, live under such oppression. Isn't that why you opened this door?

The independent self is an illusion, a pretense for the establishment of a civil society. The self is something that continually emerges through interaction with the outside world. Let us create a new self that is as it is and not as it is.

How immersive, without even thinking in logos. Break free from your constructed armor.

I want to free you from the chains of freedom.

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A young Domina who has graduated from college only a short time ago. Intelligence is in the sparkle of her eyes, strength of will is in her lips, and the corners of her mouth are tied. I instantly knew that she had been an honors student in school. BDSM, seen through books and movies, stirs the depths of her imagination to a frenzy, and now here she is in La Siora. The rough stone will be polished to gorgeousness. I grin myself at the unknown fun of what her other face will be like.

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 What do you focus or value most in your session?

 What do you focus or value most in your session? What do you focus or value most in your session?

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word "session"?

I would have to say SM sessions. The word has many meanings, but what I have been familiar with since before I stepped into SM is what is called a "jam" session. In music, an ensemble such as an orchestra is based on a score with all the notes written down.

In a jam session, on the other hand, musicians get together and improvise. Improvisation is a central element of jazz, and it is said that this style was born from jam sessions. Needless to say, the joy of a jam session lies in its freedom. The most exciting part of a jam session is the interaction and creation of improvised arrangements, ad-libs, and the reaction of the other players to such unscheduled "play". 

Even the beginning and end of a song is free. What separates such freedom from disorder is the players' communication. It unfolds through cues such as voice, gestures, breathing, and speeding up or slowing down the tempo. They read the atmosphere of the moment and create a new atmosphere. 

This is precisely what I place the greatest importance on in the "SM" sessions. Like music, the "place" that fills you and me is also a one-time art form that can be past in an instant. Of course, even improvisation is not a "session" without the material we share with each other. In music, chords, or norms, and sense. In physical terms, instruments.

My rope, my whip, my body itself. And the skill to use them. Because I could be a person who has these things, it is a simple and luxurious game. I would like to play with you with such a margin.

Do you have any books, music, movies, art, etc. that have impressed you about BDSM?

Do you have any books, music, movies, art, etc. that have impressed you about BDSM?? Do you have any books, music, movies, art, etc. that have impressed you about BDSM?

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I want to play in this place! What's your ideal dungeon?

I want to play in this place! What's your ideal dungeon? I want to play in this place! What's your ideal dungeon?

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What kind of play is hard play for you?

What kind of play is hard play for you? What kind of play is hard play for you?

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What is your theme song?

What is your theme song? What is your "theme song"?

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Talk about - Ichi the Killer

Talk about - Ichi the Killer Talk about "Ichi the Killer"

I finished reading it. It was long! And exhausting! But it went by so fast!

When you think about it, it's a net two-week story or something. The speed is amazing. It's the kind of work that could be the subject of a ten-part discussion series... I wish I could keep it casual and compact for a relay column. I noticed on the wiki that I had read "Homunculus" by this author, which was more spiritual. This work is quite materialistic and entertaining, with a story line like a royal battle manga, except for the grotesque depiction.

Now, as I was reading it, I suddenly remembered that there was a time when I was craving for violence. I was craving for crude and primitive violence, before the whip, slap, and other forms of SM. But that does not mean that I went downtown every day to get into fights.

When you are attracted to violence itself, there is probably no distinction between committing violence and being subjected to violence. Aggravation and tolerance are essentially the same thing. In the case of girls, there are social norms, so it is only natural for them to flow into fantasies that place them on the side of the oppressed. However, in this manga, the person who has drifted toward the oppressed side is the leader of the homosocial yakuza society, a man who is quite macho both physically and in terms of his position.

What is the point of division as to whether he channels the river of desire to the side of the desire to perpetrate or to the side of the desire to be oppressed? Perhaps this is where the essential part of the film lies.

This fundamental desire for violence is perhaps also a desire for power... I think that if we were to summarize it broadly, it would be a desire for the "other side". The other side of everyday life, the other side of consciousness, the other side of general society. When you are a child, you think the world can be conquered. Is it just me?

Well, as you grow up, you naturally and unconsciously learn that there are some things in the world that are beyond your control and unreasonable. My upbringing was not normal, and perhaps my mental development was delayed, but this "realization" came not gradually, but all at once.

I was so enthusiastic and free that I thought, "If I can get out of this environment, I can do anything I want to do!" But when I made an effort to get out from under the narrow control and confronted society and others, I found that I was too weak to stand up to the world.

I think such despair makes us seek the "other side." And even the desire to be oppressed, which at first glance does not seem to be a desire for power, is essentially a desire for power. I will talk about this again after I have made up a good theory to convince myself of it.

It's been a long one, so I'll leave it at that for now. I am also an "S" person who cries a lot.