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Evil excites me. It has been so since my childhood.

I liked cartoon villains better than the main characters. I liked an obscene tale of heresy, which desires nothing but pleasure. I'm fascinated by Fam Fattal, who misleads men and drives his fate into a sadistic world where cruelty are exhausted. It is a natural consequence that, before long, I am inclined to sadism.

A metamorphosis from a servant to the country to the queen. I took off my uniform, put my feet in heels, held a whip, and looked down at a man who had crawled on all fours. I've never felt such joy and excitement before! My new world "La Siora," this is where my pleasure lives. - Aug.2019

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How do you like this pink hair? It looks good on me. Why did I choose this color? Because I feel like it. Do I need a reason? I don't like tobacco unless it's Black Spider, ice vanilla. A cigarette with a black rolling paper; sweet and heavy. I have to go to a cigar store because convenience stores don't sell them, but I don't feel like smoking anything else.

Ririko is a hedonist. Pleasure always comes first. I came here because I wanted to feel BDSM in my body without even knowing how to whip. Now I don't know what drives me to be cruel. What's on Ririko now is a promise. Please, be my steppingstone. I will sacrifice you for this insatiable desire. - Aug.2019

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Long legs, tall, and slender; perfect fashion model figure. She is a cool and mysterious domina, but she also has a cute 23 year old look and a lovely smile. Former Maritime Self-Defense Force, and then joined BDSM world. She doesn't speak much, but has a passion.She has boldness and energy to come to Tokyo to pursue BDSM. "I just really wanted to know the world of BDSM." is the aura she has. All we know is that she wants to find something in BDSM. Will we be able to find out more about it in her future blogs?. (Joined La Siora Aug 2019)