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To me, BDSM is about excitement and eroticism. Torturing is really exciting for me. I believe all of my senses, and what I feel in my gut. I am the dom who is ture to my curiosity and enjoys BDSM with my heart. I may think you are truly kinky, and laugh at you or cuss at you, but in the end, I may be the most kinky one as I enjoyed watching you. When I torture, discipline, and control you, the sadist inside of me is satisfied. I also enjoy the gap between the usual and unusual. Just like me, the subs acts normal in their everyday life, but inside, they have a lot of masochistic desire. And I love to see their true face. I get excited when I see them being freed mentally. I keep smiling during the session. Mean smile, scornful smile, or gentle smile of feeling connected. I will show you various smiles. When you are in front of me, there is absolutely no need for you to act. The more miserable you are, the more excited I am. You look lovely when you let it go, and beg. It excites me. - Jun.2017

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Be miserable for me. More! That's how you truly are. he he he. You will be physically and psycologically controlled and take on domina Roca's style. I'll draw you in to Roca's world. Fall in a black hole. I like you that way. You wanna be my slave? Happy to hear you are willing. Be useful. Everyone has a different color. I wanna see your world. I wanna face it. I'm so curious what will happen if our world mix. My excitement will multiply because you show me how you really are. My cruelty is full of love. You think it's twisted? Probably. I'm excited to see you. I can't wait for you to show me your true self. Let's share a wonderful time. - Jun.2017

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She was in other BDSM club for about a year which is ten years from now.Now she is back in this world after the long blank. A mature lady with slender figure and cute personality. Her voice is lovely too.She is true to her desire. It's fun to see her getting into her new favorites, like whips, latex, etc. She won't make them as just her fad, she expands her world with them. You can see it on her blog. She would love to know many kinds of fetishes. Tell her your partiality, obsession, and your own fantasy. (Joined La Siora May.2017)