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Although it's been only a while since I have encountered BDSM, I am very much fascinated by it. I enjoy this extraordinary time because I'm facing reality. So when I come to La Siona after a busy day, I feel alive again. There is a limit to what one can experience in one's life, so I don't think what I've seen is everything. But after getting to know this world, I'm even more eager to see and know everything. Just like you, I'm also attracted and tossed around by my strong curiosity. Although I have always felt uncomfortable with the "normal" since I was a child, life is not as difficult for me now as it once was. If I can free myself and face it through BDSM, I will be happy too.

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I emphasize not only physical stimulation, but also conceptual stimulation. Tell me about your ideal world of living in a mask. It may be painful or it may be pleasant. Either way, I just want to reign over you in the process of pursuing the ideal. Let's make it an unforgettable time for both of us, so that we can smile with joy in the end. The most luscious utopia I seek is the building of a relationship through SM. "Can you do this" "Yes." It's boring. I would like to have a session to bring out your true self through sessions, and also bring out my true self through you. I would be happy if we could establish a trusting relationship.

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Tall (171 cm) and beautiful college student. She is full of passion, a sense of justice, a healthy spirit and the blessings of strength that only youth can provide. She has no experience in real life, although she is a mass of motivation who had prepared play tools and costumes before she joined us. "I don't have a partner to play!" she said and came to us. In the midst of a brilliant and serious student life, finding a partner for a secret act has been a challenge, but now she is finally at the starting point.(Joined La Siora Nov.2020)

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What do you focus or value most in your session? What do you focus or value most in your session?

What I focus on most and put an importance in my sessions, It is to follow my honest curiosity.

As I begin to interact with various masochists, I will be overflowing with desire to do this and that. I would like to emphasize the importance of following my honest feelings, and satisfying my curiosity by experiencing the sensitivity of various masochists. I also value the playfulness of "What will happen if I try this next time?" I would be happy to have a session with you with endless enthusiasm, while also keeping a sense of fun in mind.

The session will not proceed solely at the domina's discretion, as there are individual differences such as NG play and strengths and weaknesses. However, I would like to increase the number of things we can do together, based on the trust we have built up over the years. When you are with me, let me take over your body and mind. I want to have sessions with you that are not passive or inertial, but that also focus on ffilling my own needs.