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Shortly before I turned 20 years old, a blindingly strong light shone in my vision. The instincts that had previously bewitched me but I quietly kept a lid on it, were drawn to that strong light. It was as if the dots were connected by a line.

As I looked at you in front of me, the additive desire swirling violently inside me pulsed through my entire body, and my brain turns a poisonous red color. I cherish you from the bottom of my heart when I see your hidden face or touch emotions that I can't take hold of when you are freed; by causing pain, breaking your thought process, or by the actions I've set.

The poisonous, dusky red color becomes a bright, beautiful red. I love the space completed with excitement and domination. - Jun.2020

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You and I, guided by our own desires, have met. The moment it reveals yourself which even you are not aware of, it secretes a strong pleasure substance in the brain, and the moment is burned deep into the brain. Think of nothing, listen to your instincts, and look me in the eye.

Don't look away. Let yourself be drowned in unknowable pleasures. Gradually, your brain to your body to mind...being raped by my bare, glittering instincts. I love it, no matter how ugly and hapless it looks. I want to make you a part of me.

I'm really enjoying our time together, and the sound of laughter naturally fills the room. Let me hear more! Show me more of that! Probably I am even more greedy than you are. - Jun.2020

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The beautiful domina Saki is back! She is almost in her mid-20s, and she has grown up a lot since she left us when she was 20 years old. She came back with a broad view on BDSM and everything. The difference from when she was 20 years old is her compassionate heart. Saki-sama's eyes are powerful, the balance between her cold eyes and compassionate heart is like a carrot and stick. Her beauty and slender body are still the same, but her radiance has increased. The members who see her again will definitely feel her growth. (Joined La Siora Jun.2020)

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What do you focus or value most in your session? What do you focus or value most in your session?

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