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As a child, I enjoyed sneak-peeking my mother, who was a teacher, scolding her students. Now I'm grown up and started to enjoy teasing men. Soon after, I had this desire to see the limits of human being. On a daily basis, I work as an "ordinary" worker, so to say. People I met at my "ordinary" job will never know I have such desire. I'm assuming it's the same for you. We have different likings but we are in the same club. Let's talk, reveal, share, and enjoy our lives. - Jun.2019

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What I would do to you? How far I can challenge with the slaves? My heart is full with these emotions. I can't help smiling just thinking about our encounter and the time I would spend with you. I still don't fully understand what is BDSM, and what is the slaves. I, the person in front of you right now, may not be a domina, and she may be nothing but an ordinary person. As an ordinary person, I would cherish my time and every single day. To see your true self someday. - Mar.2019

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Domina ViVi's height,173cm, is from her Swedish ancestor, and her exotic eyes are originated in Japan. She has a glamourous killer curves with characteristics of Asian domina. This is what makes her so attractive. Sometimes she exudes a strong presence. Sometimes she makes people feel welcomed with her caring nature. These two different dimensions make us believe she has a bright future as a domina. We wish her to dominate and queen, utilizing her figure a that fits to fetish gears beautifully. She has previous experiences in soft, fetish SM but limited experiences in BDSM. However, she has been checking our website since her teenage. She surprised us with her knowledge of our successive dominas!

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