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The first thing I want to talk about. I started this as a receiver of rope bondage. Then I experienced BDSM in private for about 6 years. When I faced my feelings, I realized that to be the dominant one is more heartfelt, fun, and feels like myself. I think I understand a little bit about how masochists feel. (maybe lol) 

I hope to be a domina that we can grow together. Life is an adventure. I want to live a life in which I challenge various things, sometimes worry, and aim for the future. Today, let's travel in search of thrill and excitement. Letting my sadistic desire take me on a journey.

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I like all kinks. I think that the world of kink is a wonderful, narrow but wide, very deep world. But I often hear people say that they are interested in it, but they don't have the courage to take the first step. 

You only have one life. I feel that people who can continue doing what they love to do no matter how old they are are are lucky. I am very curious to know what kind of kink you are, so don't be shy to show me. I hope you will get to know me better and better.

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"So pretty!" That's what everyone says the moment they saw her, but she is never childlike. It suddenly hit me when I saw a ruthless glow from her strong and glossy eyes. But usually, she seems to keep that "weapon" hidden deep inside. Small face, long legs, shapely hips and a well-proportioned figure, black hair that reaches to her waist; a girl like a cat. She is petite and slender but has a great presence. She is new to BDSM. I am looking forward to what she will be because she is flexible. (Joined La Siora Nov.2020)

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What do you focus or value most in your session? What do you focus or value most in your session?

"Love" is what's importat in my sessions. I toy with love, and I trash with love. I want to make it a loving time with various emotions: laughing, crying, screaming, and joy. This is a time with you, not anyone else. Also, please stay healthy if you want to have fun with BDSM. I don't want you to break before I break you.