ドミナ鳴海(女王様) プロフィールコメント About us About Me

7 years have passed since I joined La Siora in December 2010. I knew nothing about BDSM at first, and now I am a domina while I keep my day job. The head is my every day side and the tail is a domina. As I keep living in this double life, I found it fascinating you and I have two sides (everyday side on the surface and inside, which we hide usually, and is revealed during BDSM session), and they are on the same coin. You probably know it better than me that there is a pleasure only who lives in different lives knows. As I grew up, my parents told me to be pure and beautiful, on the outside and inside. I actually want to be so. the same time, in my heart there is a burning desire I can't ignore. If I like the person, I want to make him/her go crazy on me. Do mean things, whisper in his ears, and caress him with my hands that just slapped him in the face. I want to tempt and inveigle him, and control him making sure he can only think about me. Since I was a little girl, I kept hiding such wish and desire to control Now, as a domina, I am really glad that I can live out my fantasy! I want to lead you to ecstacy although you may shed tears on the way to it... I want to be the one that makes you suffer and happy. In BDSM, pleasure, ecstacy, pain, and tears are two sides of the same coin. Let's enjoy both sides.- Mar.2018

ドミナ鳴海(女王様) プロフィールコメント For you For You

I am very glad if you choose me to have a session with. When we meet, please open up about your secret fantasy. There is no need to fake or act during the session. Let's put your secret fantasy and my hidden desire together, and share the time we can just be our body and heart. - Mar.2018

ドミナ鳴海(女王様) ラ・シオラからのコメント From LA SIORA From LA SIORA

A domina who has graceful cuteness just as if jumped out from Japanese Animation World. Her voice is very lovely too. How would you like verbal abuse or story play with her She is entirely very pretty. Her face and white skin is very beautiful.Although her looks is like a Japanese idol girl, she herself is very strong, independent woman. She cares others very much but never be a show-off. She has another job outside of BDSM world therefore pursuing stimulation in La Siora which she cannot gain in her another side of the life as most of our customers are. In other words, she is standing at the very close point to you all. The best mistress to share your secret pleasure. (Joined La Siora Dec 2010)