The name LA SIORA was derived from ...

February 1997. The interval between winter and spring, I was in "Venezia",City of Water.

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February 1997. In the season between winter and spring,

I was in Venice, Italy. The city of water. In a hotel in Venice. It's winter, but I woke up sweaty. Two other people in my room, domina "R"and slave "Dog," were asleep. I told the dog to keep the window open, but he must have forgot. Darkness was in front of me when I opened the window. As my eyes got used to the darkness, I could somehow see the silhouette of a church, river, and reflections of the light, all in silence. It was 2 o'clock in the evening.

As I tried to sleep again, I heard a knock on the door. This late? I opened the door with a doubt in my head. No one was in there. After the same thing repeated several times, I decided to stay and guard at the door.The moment I heard the knock, I opened the door and came into the long corridor with red carpet. I did the same thing a couple of times. But still, no one was out there.

I was fully awake by then. There was no place the suspect can hide in the corridor. The dog started to growl in sweat. At the same time, R woke up.

"Hey R, did the dog wake you up? He's been annoying."

R was sitting on the bed, said nothing. She fell back asleep. All of a sudden, the air in the room became dark. There were voices coming out of the wall, and a couple, a man and a woman, emerged. The lady dressed in a princess-line dress, holding a fan in her hand. The man was in a jacket and hat, both are made with the same woven patterned fabric. They looked at each other, smiling, and walked out to the wall on the other side of the room. They were graceful, I did not feel any fear.

Once they are gone, the air became heavy. The next guest wore a white mask and a deep red cape. He/she looked like a picture from a postcard of a Carnaval. The person walked slowly, and gone to the wall on the other side. When he/she is gone, I heard a subtle sound. It became louder and louder, so I could hear it clearly.

"...shora...siora, La Siora"

I wrote down the word. The day breaks without a sleep.

I was visiting Venice to see my friend named "M." In the next morning, he picked us up to take us to show us around. I asked him if he knows the word "La Siora."

"La Siora? How come you know the word? Only few Italians know the word, it's not even on a dictionary."

I was surprised to know the word actually exists, and told M all about the previous night. According to him, many people experience mysterious things in Venice.

"Congratulations, Rie! That's wonderful! Venice gave you a guarantee that you are a true queen!"
"It's an old word in Venice, which was used to address a lady reverentially. In English, it's like "The Mistress."

I accepted the word with a gratefulness. I was on to a travel as I couldn't come up with a good name for a new club I was producing.

A gift from ancient Venice, and a timeless word. "La Siora."

~ La Siora ~

What do you focus or value most in your session?

Relay column by Dominas

column by Domina

Let's ask what domina (mistress) is focusing on and how important it is as we, dominas,  develop relationships with you (slaves)?

Let's start a new playground "relay column". When you are reading interviews, there are usually about plays she likes and doesn't like, right? But I think the reason why people are attracted to each other is more than love and dislike of playing, but there are also cases where people are attracted to each other because they have different values or they don't understand each other.

Let's ask what domina (mistress) is focusing on and how important it is as we, dominas,  develop relationships with you (slaves).

"What do you focus or value most in your session?"


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How are you enjoying the Relay Column? It's Sakurako, I've been looking forward to my turn! The theme is 'the most emphasis or importance I place in sessions.' I think there are many important points for us to have a good session as we meet only as S and M. One of the most important thing for me is 'balance between satisfaction and dissatisfaction'. Of course it's not good to have so much dissatisfaction, but don't be too satisfied.

I think a little bit of bargaining will be a spice when we come to each other, hiding nothing. The feeling of control when you grasp all of your wishes, and toy with your feelings at my will. Your gasping when you are given the supreme pleasure as a reward for your hard work, and your most pitiful expression when your expectations are betrayed. I'm sure it's the same for you and me to do BDSM for such a consuming moment. My ideal BDSM should have a 7: 3 balance. Of course, it may change depending on the slave, my mood and the situation. What is your ideal balance? It might be fun to try and find out through various plays with me, right?

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Domina NARUMI photo

I, domina Narumi will deliver it. It's a little different from putting a lot of effort into it, but what I value most in sessions is to enjoy the playing.

I love BDSM so I don't need to try to enjoy it, but I always have fun from the bottom of my heart. I'm so greedy that I want to have more fun. I mean, I know you slaves get more excited when you see my eyes shining and my cheeks blushing in excitement. It is only in the depth of my heart that I have to express and taste all your feelings in order to be so exalted.

I like the way you enjoy melting with my sweet tricks. But I also like the way you look so cute when you are tormented so hard that your face is distorted and the eyes are watery. I cannot be satisfied unless you show me everything about you. So I will enjoy using all of you. I always have a session thinking like that. Narumi

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Domina ROCA

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What I focus most on during the session is to look at all of you in front of me.

Looking inside your heart and listening to the words that you can't speak. Some are with complicated feelings. I want to see your thoughts and your world. I want to share it all with you. And I want to dye you in my hue gradually. I'm feeling that way. I also place great importance on creating a space where our thoughts go in the same direction. Time flies when you're happy, excited, and immersed. Like time and space are distorted. It is a fulfilling space.

I want to face each other and connect deeply. Let's aim for heights together.

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Domina VIVI

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It's ViVi. Even I, who have been in here for a month, got this baton.

You may think "What do you know?" but please read. I have a habit of controlling the urge of "I will make you more desperate." When I saw the passivity of your whole body and soul in the slaves of La Siora, I thought this habit is a shame. Even if I go a little too far now, I'm focusing on "daringly remove my limiter" while using my baby domina position as my indulgence. Oh, of course, I intend to evolve by studying to deepen the world. It's not bad to break through the limit with me, isn't it?

What I value always has been "Enjoying Communication," and that is the only one. Mistress and slave, women and men, and one and one. There are words, the atmosphere and things that can be conveyed. I hope that two people who might not know each other when they go outside share the most intimate time than anything else. ... so you can remember, "Oh, there was such a fellow back then" at the end of your life. Wow, it's getting pretty long! Let's call it a day. Thank you for reading.

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The most important point in my session is that I would like to build a long-lasting relationship.

Above all, I think that BDSM would be more enjoyable if we can build a lasting relationship. The more sessions we have, the more I can understand the slave, the more I can blame you, heal you, and I can torture him more deeply. By doing so, you can release yourself and your mind, let go of your body and ego. I would use every possible means to torment you, to make a fuss, and to give you my heart's content. I think that because of the continuous rule, slaves can gradually enter into the extraordinary and fall deeply. Even when you are not in a session, I am glad if you could keep mistress Shinju in your "memory" for years. Through a lasting relationship, a slave's mind and body could keep the joy of being dominated. Because it is BDSM, it is femdom. I want to appreciate our fate.

During the session, I also value the, "sensation", and "feeling" with the slave, who is confronting me at the time. A slave who I meet for the first time, and a slave who I have known for a long time, will have different mental condition and physical condition every day. I want to sharpen my five and six senses and play with you. I want to play with you in my hand, like Shaka's palm. My wholehearted control to you. Shinju

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Domina TOHKA

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"The thing that I put the most effort". What is it? Why did I become like this in the first place?

I was planning to do everything I could here, and then leave. Is it because I can't do "not seeing anything", "not listening to anything" or "not feeling anything" forever when I'm here? Or is it because now I'm utterly afraid to return to the darkness in which you kept giving up on people? It's gonna be a long story, going back to my roots. Oh, how many characters does this column have? Let's summarize the conclusion briefly.

1) How much "I-want-to-do-this" which is generated by the partner can I do? 2) "How much can I enjoy with the partner" as I continue to raise the issues? These are the two important points in my sessions. HERE YOU GO!

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Hello, I'm Tamaki. It's my turn. The theme is 'focus or the important thing in my session.' The important thing in my session is communication and timing. What kind of person is he/she?

I want to start from such place. It's more fun to think "I want to do this with this person." instead of simple "I want to do this". I would like to take time to build a relationship rather than a quick pleasure. In such a natural atmosphere, slight timing creates tension instantly. I love that moment. At that moment, shows me very cute faces.(English:☆☆Intermediate)

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Domina RUIKO

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This column is interesting because I can see the ideas of each dominas. I enjoyed reading the columns.

My "focus or the important thing in my session" is to create a moment when I can touch the slave's core. Pain, pleasure, fear, whatever I may use, I am happy when the slave stops acting, his/her shell comes off, and looks straight back at me. It's a shame to be involved only on the surface. I think BDSM is a very effective way to remove the shell. I also have a desire to touch the core and then engrave me there.

I want to make my place right in the center of the core, and continue to control it.(English:☆☆Intermediate)

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