ドミナルイ子(女王様) プロフィールコメント About us About Me

I like BDSM. It has many attractions, but everything is my favorite, and feels right to me. I can have great moments during the session. My brain turns red and I get excited when I step into something ugly, something makes you want to look away. It's a natural reflex, no logics can explain it. Sometimes I feel warmth. As I let my desire take over, the slaves stops and smiles at me. Looking at me in the eyes. It feels like we are the only ones in the world. I'm touched when he mumbled he's happy. Tears in my eyes. It's kind of cute such a touching thing is happening in a small hotel room. Also the moment I am in control. I locate the heart you hid, rip off the armor around, and expose it. And I want to stay in the deepest, and right at the core of your heart. I stay there throughout your life. I will torment or caress you, and I like to see you cry, laugh, or being emotional on my hands. I want to own your destiny. You are lovely, cute, makes me wanna hold you and also break you. This one is mine. So I can do whatever. I like to feel this way. - Sep.2012

ドミナルイ子(女王様) プロフィールコメント For you For You

Slaves describe me in many ways. A devil, a demon, or a goddess. Scary, beautiful, or merciful. What you see in me is what you made me into. Because that expression is only meant to you. I love subs that make me touched, upset, or full of desires, and make me various expressions. The time we share will be desperate. We are doing BDSM, I don't wand to end up with just scratching our surfaces. It is consuming, but I am sure we can share some meaningful time. Let's face each other, right in front. - Mar.2016

ドミナルイ子(女王様) ラ・シオラからのコメント From LA SIORA From LA SIORA

A pretty & skinny mistress with long limbs, but very powerful and active.She has certain ability although she is very young student mistress. Her deep view of BDSM are sometimes very sensational because what she express is based on real experience. Hers is surely different from those superficial instant ones. We can say she is very talented judging from her age and the speed of growth. Everyone wants her to be freely as she is. She rapidly changes as she is still young. These days she is becoming more feminine rather than cute. We can see her growth from her facial expressiosn when she is playing with M people. She is also good at playing with words. Her full name is Wa Ruiko ("Bad Child" in Japanese). She is like an little devil turned into a demon. Her favorite food is, of course, Masochists.(Joined La Siora Nov 2011)