ドミナ櫻子(女王様) プロフィールコメント About us About Me

A spoiled girl who always has an extra curiosity in sex, grew up and accidentally walked into BDSM world. This place I dive my head into is a mixture of bright red, excitment, and a little bit of bittersweetness. I still don't know how I can explain with words. I realized here is where I can grow as a person when I realized I have room to grow. I wanna be the one who keeps trying and never stop learning at any age. Hoping the exciting days with slaves who shows me that spirit will never end. My journey continues for more.- Sep.2017

ドミナ櫻子(女王様) プロフィールコメント For you For You

Orgasms, or the pain your body takes, Anything can be our pleasure if we built our relationship. We love to feel good, we all are greedy. Let us create your own extraordinary that you will wish it never ends. Nothing is impossible when you are with me. Or what? - Sep.2017

ドミナ櫻子(女王様) ラ・シオラからのコメント From LA SIORA From LA SIORA

A neat girl who just turned 20. She is a beauty with a balanced figure. She is like a member of Japanese idol unit "Nogizaka46." But she can be girly-bewitching when she puts a read lipstick on. Now she is the youngest in La Siora but calm and intelligent, also a quick learner. We are surprised how she remember things after just one training. Everything is new to her. Please support our young domina.(Joined La Siora Dec 2016)