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First thing first, I'm not a clever one, so I'd rather fall over and stay there. But more than anything, I like people with self-sacrificing spirit. He/she may be twisted in shape but I love them. So I wanna host them with my temporary fantasy. This feeling is probably temporarily, but this is all I can come up with my limited cleverness. - Mar.2014

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Dear Mr./Ms. customer, Oh please don't look at me like that It felt so good to do bad things The pleasure took over me and I overdid it I felt so, so good to be mean, but I'm embarrassed, it made me do more to cover up my embarrassment! For you --- Show me your hole. If it's small, spread it open. I'll give you an exciting masochistic life with my little malice. - Mar.2014

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Welcome to Tohka's wonderland. Without make-up, she is a very cute girl and even look like a teenager. But she look very sexy and mature when she use red lipstick and put make-up on. You never get bored being with her as she has rich facial expressions. She has imagination, independence, and most importantly, good communication skill. She is 21 years old now and already has what domina needs. She has no experience as a professional before, but maybe we can expect her success in the future. She has high Kendo skill and is still working out. She is a pedigree of domina as her mother is a mistress.(Joined La Siora Dec 2013)