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I am the one that laughs at someone else's misfortune. But sometimes, which is rare, I wish for someone else's happiness. People are just minding their own business, including myself. I've hated those who pose as a model of all virtues. I would ignore him/her, or put up a fight if I am with them. I would not hesitate to tell you what you don't wanna hear. You don't need to pose or act when you come to a BDSM club, showing your true self is all that matters. I will laugh at you like it has nothing to do with me, while you are on your fours and deep down agonizing "what a bitch!"- Sep.2012

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Some sit next to me. Some walk past me. Some have conversations with me. The variety of people come. Some of them are worried, suffering, laughing, getting upset, or putting up with the urge to cry out. Seeing those people and share their emotions, even for a brief moment, isn't this what the life is all about? That is what makes me wish everybody to be happy. I cherish them. No matter who they are. I am just a woman that happened to pass by each other, but I will never forget about you. My honest words.- Sep.2012

ドミナ彩月(女王様) ラ・シオラからのコメント From LA SIORA From LA SIORA

A tall & healthy beauty, with nicely muscular long legs. She had a career as a race queen before. Experienced at a legendary fetish club and has profound understanding over the fanaticism. She prefers to look into the truth of humanity and the real intention rather than imitated things. Please tell her what you are, including you "bad experience" if you feel like to do so.No need to tell what you don't want to because she will know if you really want to do that or not. It has been 5 years since she became a domina, but we still keep discovering her new attractions lately. Her mind is now more opened than before. She laughes like a "Totoro" when she finds something funny, so please pay attention to her face during the session.

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  • Measurements 170:89-60-85 Shoes:24.0(cm)
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