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Out of nowhere, I realized I want to sit on a man's face. I wasn't sure if I wanted to make him my chair or toilet, but I thought it was something forbidden. As I see eupholic faces under me, I get excited and realized the desire was to control the person to his very existence.

To achieve that, I needed various factors which can be my strong attraction, and I earned them. Through you. That is why even my feet have become your comfortable place to be. Come in.

I wanna give you shiver with my voice. I love the feeling of us getting close. I want to control you. Or I may tempt you to beg for my control. - Mar.2016

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When I first started, I have been asking myself what essentially is slave training. Now I know this is what I've been looking for. It is wonderful in BDSM such expression of affection occurs. I don't have nobility to talk about love with words, but in this world we can do it with whips, ropes, or high heels. Now training slaves are meant to be.

BDSM gives me a good way to do it. It doesn't matter if you want to be a slave, domestic animal, or undefinable "you," I find the process to find "our way" meaningful. Other people may see what we do as inhumane or has just trivial meaning. But it can be a splendid pleasure because it's irreplaceable. I want to celebrate the lives and encounters, even I can cherish physical and mental pain. I feel like this these days. I can feel like this when I get to see what you are inside. Also, when I firmly grab the feeling of connection.

I am happy if I get to touch your heartstrings even just once. If I happen to peak your heart, though time, I will hold on to it and never let it go. So I may step into your world with a big smile, bigger than you expected, but I am no evil. If If feel I need it for us, I will never stop.- Mar.2016


A domina who has coquettish, little devil-like attraction. Everything will be bright and happy when she shows up. There are many M people who had been drawn by her natural sadistic attitude.Good English speaker and popular among foreign customers as well.

She is called with the nickname of "Ackie-ho" and everyone loves her so much. In 2012, she made 6 years of being a mistress. Has flexible BDSM view and laid back personality. She is good at plays like whipping and candle session, but very capable of anything. Her world of BDSM is never be limited. "The existance as a domina", that's Akiho-sama.